New Life for Old Prints, Letters and Other Ephemera

Fri & Sat / March 24 & 25 / 10-1 pm

With three tiers of pages, these books create a varied, textural display. Using snippets of “reject prints,” letters, and other ephemera, this book form can create a rich narrative or simply focus on a beautiful array of colors and patterns. Some materials provided. Bring along old prints and special scraps of your own to make this a truly personal book! Supply list; prep work required before class (see below).

Instructor: Kelley Salber

$90 / $75 Artist Member

Register today: Call 541.330.8759.

Supply List & Prep Work
  • Gather old prints, decorative paper, ephemera, paper photocopies of photos, etc.
  • Cut or tear this material into strips 3.37” high by 11.5″ wide.  Make sure the grain of the paper runs up and down (along the short side). Note: if some of your ephemera is small, you may collage it on to strips of cotton rag paper.
  •  You will need 35 strips for each tier. The book will have three tiers total (so you will need 105 strips total)
  • You will need to coordinate the placement of strips for any image that you want to “read” from top to bottom.
  • Fold the strips in sets of five. Arrange five folios to create a signature. There will be seven signatures in each tier of your book.
  • In order to keep your tiers in alignment, use sticky notes and clamps/clips to keep them together and to remind you what goes where.