A center for printmaking and book arts, A6 cultivates art appreciation, enhances learning through art, and expands creative expression.

Support A6

A6 is a member-based and community-supported non-profit arts organization. Please consider a donation to A6 or become an A6 Artist Member.

A Guardian of Tradition

A6 (also known as Atelier 6000) expands awareness and appreciation of the time-honored techniques of traditional printmaking and book arts (dating back to the 15th century) as well as contemporary processes using photo-polymer plates, digital imagery, and non-acid etching methods. We cultivate an appreciation of the hand-made.

Monthly Exhibits

The A6 Gallery offers a view of a 21st-century, multimedia approach to contemporary printmaking and book arts, while preserving  and honoring processes from centuries past. The gallery presents 10 monthly exhibits per year, and one major educational exhibit on an artist or art form of particular artistic and/or historic significance. Exhibits are often accompanied by art talks, lectures, and related workshops.

A Fully-Equipped, Green Studio

A6’s studio offers a spacious workspace for member artists and classes. Our  2000 sq. ft. studio features three presses for plate lithography, etching, and monotype. Dedicated to sustainable practices, A6 prints with less toxic and “green” materials, with an emphasis on soy-based water-soluble inks; the studio does not allow caustic chemicals or acids traditionally associated with printmaking.

A Place for Learning and Inspiration

Located in the historic Brooks-Scanlon Box Factory, A6 is a center for an energetic community of artists—working collaboratively and sharing ideas, techniques, and process. It’s a place for learning and inspiration, a studio-workshop where individuals from all backgrounds (from absolute beginners to professional artists) can discover the many ways other mediums (such as painting, ceramics, drawing and sculpture) can bridge into printmaking and book arts. Art workshops are open to the public.