Cheers to Art!

Every Third Wednesday, 7-8:30 pm

Join us each third Wednesday in the A6 Gallery at 7 pm as we uncork a fresh program on a famous artist or art movement. Savor a fun evening as we examine the cultural and artistic influences that fueled great artists throughout history.

This 90-minute program includes a slide presentations, libations, open conversation, and occasional extras like live music, theatrical performances, and cinema. Each month has recommended reading, in case you want to delve deeper into our month’s topic before or after our event.

Each month, we’ll pour tastes of select wines from a favorite region.

$10 per person (no registration required)

2016-17 Program

January 18, 7 pm

Toulouse Lautrec

An aristocratic outcast among outcasts, he revealed the reality of downtrodden women, who danced and sang and lived wild lives in the Paris cafes during the late 19th Century. As modern printing made his free-wheeling work available to everyone, Lautrec made the art of the poster his own brilliant signature.  $10

Read: Toulouse Lautrec and La Vie Modern by Phillip Deniss Cate, 2013

February 15, 7 pm

Van Gogh

As his work progressed, Van Gogh continued an intense dialogue with Nature. He became one with his subject, expressing the dynamic power he experienced in the living, ever-changing landscape around him. We will follow his passionate journey from Holland to Southern France. 7 pm / $10

Read: Van Gogh and Nature by Richard Kendall, 2015

 March 15, 7 pm

William Blake

A one-of-a-kind seer, prophet, social, critic artist and poet, Blake managed to “see Eternity in a grain of sand.” He experienced the huge upheaval of the 19th Century—the slow birth of modern times—before many of the breakthrough artists we look at—but he belongs with all of the artists who grappled with those changes. $10

Read: Eternity’s Sunrise, the Imaginative World of William Blake by Leo Damrosch, 2015

 April 19, 7 pm

The Fauves

This group of artists such as Gauguin, Marc, and Matisse carried the exploration of color, in and for itself, that led to Abstraction in the 20th Century. We will look at the amazing differences in their styles as they pursued an art for modern times.  $10

Read: The Fauves: The Reign of  Color by Jean-Louis Ferrier, 1995

May 17, 7 pm

Gustav Klimt

One of the Kings of Art Nouveau, Klimt led the new artists of Vienna as they worked with many of the same goals as artists in France and England. We will look at his work and see the context—the form that this rebellion took in Austria, and the language he developed as a gateway to modern times.  $10

Read: Gustav Klimt: Art Nouveau Visionary by Eva di Stefano, 2008

About Our Presenter

Lorna Cahall A6Lorna Cahall

Art historian Lorna Cahall masterfully weaves literature, history, music, theatre and art to create a rich view of each month’s artist or art movement. Lorna’s humor and enthusiasm—and her deep understanding of history and the humanities—make each “Cheers to Art!” an entertaining and enlightening event.

Lorna served as a member of the British Open University Humanities faculty at the University of Maryland for 15 years. She is the author of The Actor King, The Field, and Late in the Hammock of Night.

Lorna facilitates One Breath Poets (a local haiku poetry group) and is an A6 Artist Member. Lorna has presented  A6’s “Cheers to Art program since its inception in 2014. The program is currently in its third season.