Students to A6

A unique learning experience for students

Each year, A6 invites Central Oregon schools to take part in our “Students to A6” educational program. Programs are designed around special exhibits of particular educational value, and explore history, math, or science through art. Students are given the opportunity to browse the original works, hear a presentation and then put new concepts to work in a studio component with hands-on printmaking or book arts activities.

Financial assistance is available for Title 1 and rural schools. For more information, email A6 or call 541.3308759.

2016-17 Students to A6 Programs

“Cold-Blooded Neighbors”

Life Sciences, Art Appreciation & Creative Skill-Building

May and June 2017

Teachers—bring your students to A6’s May exhibit, “Cold-Blooded Neighbors” to see detailed woodcut prints of native snakes and lizards by local artist Abney Wallace. Our 90-minute program—developed in partnership with High Desert Museum—connects the exhibit to art appreciation and life sciences. Referencing the prints, we’ll identify ways reptiles have adapted to local environments. We’ll also delve into elements and principles of design by discussing the artist’s use of line, shape, pattern, rhythm and positive/negative space. We’ll continue exploring these concepts in the studio, as students create original snake prints using A6’s presses. Title 1 students will also receive a family pass to High Desert Museum to see many of these reptile species in person! $8/student  (discounts for Title 1)

Schedule today: Call 541.330.8759 or email A6.


“The speakers are very knowledgeable about the exhibits, but more importantly, are able to engage children. The artwork the children get to do is phenomenal.  The kids talked about the field trip all year long, and included it in their favorite things of the whole school year.  I highly recommend a visit to A6!”

—Allison, 3rd Grade Teacher