MC Escher: 21 Prints

MC Escher: 21 Prints

MC Escher: 21 Prints—”Moments in Time and Space” at Atelier 6000

Through May 31, 2014

View this rare exhibit of 21 original prints by the Dutch master of illusion, M.C. Escher.

Escher was a prolific artist and master printmaker, producing more than 400 original prints in his lifetime. The exhibit showcases Escher’s skill in wood cut, wood engraving, lithography, and linocut.

The prints speak to Escher’s fascination with illusion, whether created through tessellations, impossible architectural constructions, or reflections. “Escher’s images appear logical at first, but the deeper you look, the more improbable they become. Each print is a puzzle that asks to be solved, but the solution is elusive,” explains Ron Schultz, an Atelier 6000 member who contributed to the exhibit catalog. “Escher’s work endures because of its mystery.”

Purchase an exhibit catalog for $21 and support Atelier 6000. Catalogs are available for sale at the studio.

Gallery Hours

The A6 Presentation Gallery is open Mon-Fri from 9:30 am to 4 pm. Join us for “Last Saturday” and take in the final night of the Escher Exhibit on May 31. A6 will be open special hours from 12-8 pm.


Escher Activities

Mobius Strip

Explore the mobius strip, an infinite loop that fascinated Escher and inspired one of his most famous prints.